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Pencil + Crown creates copy and content that’s clear, cohesive and chock-full of character. Short-form, long-form, print or web, our copywriters transform tech-speak into human-ese and keywords into conversation.

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Our work
  • Copy. Words have the power to move you, sway you, persuade you and slay you – a well-crafted message is a beautiful thing. From ads and web-words to fundraising and EDMs, we write copy that inspires action.
  • Content. If content is king, then we’re your queens. While we love a smart and snappy message, storytelling is our heartland. SEO-soaked blogs, social campaigns, bios, editorials and direct mail writing - we write content that’s cognitive and creative.
  • Verbal branding. Your brand story is what sets you apart. We can help you discover your unique tone and define it in clear principles and guidelines. Let us help you find your voice.
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A bit about us.

Story time

Pencil + Crown is a writing duo who live, breathe and write good copy. Known for ‘cognitive creative’, our wise and witty words are cemented in solid strategy – from the crown of our heads to the tips of our fingers.

Specialising in for-purpose copywriting and not-for-profit communication, we help good people do good work. Our skills are next level: from fundraising copywriting to business blog editing, we’re a jack of all trades – and jolly good at what we do.

The year was 2018. With too many projects and only two hands to type with, Tabitha reached out to Emma-Jane for wordsistance. This simple phone call was the catalyst for a melding of minds and intertwining of inspiration – the beginning of a beautiful partnership that became Pencil + Crown.

Brought together with a shared belief in the power of words and the strength of humanity, we tend to work with clients who share our dream to make the world a better place.

We always bring our A game. Collaborating with the crème-de-la-crème of creatives, we gather the best-of-the-best to boost every project.

Curious? Dip your toes into a deep well of talent and experience.

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About us

Meet your wordsmiths

A copy + content duo with one head in the clouds and the other all up in your business.

Witty, wordy and a little bit nerdy, our founder-creatives craft content that captures the heart and conveys a clear message.

Tabitha Noonan

Tabitha. With over 12 years’ experience both in-house and agency-side, it’s safe to say that Tabitha knows her way around the alphabet. But beyond her kickass writing skills, she also has a keen mind for strategy and has been the tone of voice architect and naming lead for a number of well-known brands. A prolific not-for-profit writer and sensational digital storyteller, Tabitha is a creative content writer with a cause. She recently escaped Sydney’s big smoke and now lives and writes on Tassie’s east coast, and blogs (inconsistently) at

Emma-Jane Anderson

EmJ. A long-standing love affair with language has powered Emma-Jane’s career choices for over a decade. Working as a teacher, editor, journalist and coordinator, EmJ has acquired an enviable range of creative and account management skills. Living in Sydney, she’s a creative copywriter by day and super-mum by night. You’ll find her with a coffee in hand, a donut on the mind, and a clever GIF at the ready. A problem-solver and people-connector, she’s always ready to help with website writing or movie trivia related quiz nights (as long as it’s before her 9pm bed-time!).

We've worked with

Our work
  • Pencil & Crown are brilliant professionals, who have taken the sensitive subject of foster care and presented it to our audience in a clear, compassionate, and friendly manner. The tone of voice they applied was a thankful departure from the usual, stilted jargon found in family services communications. I highly recommend this team.
    Evelyn Santoro, My Forever Family NSW
  • Working with EmJ was just a treat. She is the Professor X of copywriting - always seem to read my mind and was so attuned to what I wanted and needed - everything I wanted to say, but didn’t know how, just appeared on the pages like magic. My copy fairy god mother - going way above and beyond every project I sent her way. To top it off, you’ll always have a giggle reading her emails. Pencil + Crown - they are your people!
    Laura Kahar, Music N Me
  • I was introduced to Tabitha over three years ago and I’m so glad I found her. She immediately understood my clients and brand tone, which flowed into her incredible writing. I touch base with her regularly as my business evolves to keep my content fresh and appealing. If you’re on the hunt for a poetic and creative content writer for business, do yourself and your business a favour and work with Pencil & Crown.
    Natalie Coombes, Tillee Music
  • Having worked with Tabitha across a number of agencies, I now take Pencil + Crown with me wherever I go, with only glowing reviews to follow. P+C are creative content writers first, but can offer so much more – research, strategy, positioning and scripting, to name a few – across a broad and diverse range of industries and sectors, tailoring language to vastly opposite ends of the spectrum and with great turnaround times. It’s refreshing to work with content writers who write with purpose and insight.
    Sarah Virzi, Esve Creative
  • So much more than just fundraising writing, Tabitha captures the Uniting tone and brand values in everything she creates and truly understands our audience. She crafts content that engages and influences, turning complex and sensitive issues into simple and relatable conversation. A pleasure to collaborate with, Tabitha has supported me in reaching many marketing goals, increasing engagement across social media channels and delivering campaign conversions.
    Lee Taylor, Uniting NSW.ACT

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We love helping good people do good work.

If you're looking for a copywriter in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond - we're here for you.

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